Angel ZOË Nonprofit Organization


Founders: Elizabeth Anderson & Cierra Ramos

Elizabeth and Cierra connected in 2004 when Cierra walked into Salon ZOË for a simple “haircut” with Liz. The two claimed they never stopped talking and laughing since. It was an instant connection they had from the very beginning which grew stronger and stronger throughout the ten years they have spent together. The two developed a unique and powerful relationship that has been inseparable. Elizabeth and Cierra are both licensed cosmetologist with over twenty-five years combined of experience, education and expertise in the beauty industry.

Mission Statement: To assist, inspire and educate those who experience hair loss aa well as single moms.

Angel  ZOË was originally established to service thosee that experienced hair loss from chemotherapy, alopecia or other medical conditions. In January of 2014, after coming to grips with an even deeper passion, we decided to add “Single Mothers” to our scope of services.

Our Goal and Pledge: Angel ZOË pledges to service woman and children throughout the community that are suffering from the unfortunate occurrence of hair loss. 

Typically, wigs or hair extensions for women experiencing chemotherapy is an expensive investment that is not in the budget. Each day a new patient will experience “hair loss”. This unfortunate condition can directly affect so many women's self esteem.

However, when hair loss occurs, it can tarnish a woman’s self esteem and confidence as some victims describe, "there seems to be a void". Studies have shown low esteem and confidence can cause a slower healing process in patients, on the reverse, high self esteem and a positive attitude can promote the healing process. 

Through the Angel ZOË program, we anticipate improvements in our client’s attitude and the way they view themselves during hair loss.  

Our Objective:

Through the network of collaborators and ongoing partners, we expect to service a minimum of ten individuals a week who suffer from hair loss. Our objective is to issue free wigs beauty products or accessories that will help motivate and inspire hair loss victims on their journey.

We invite you to become an active volunteer in our organization - allowing your strength and love to join forces with ours as we give back through our various programs and community outreach efforts.