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The Household of Faith Summer Camp
"Camp Elite"

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Angel ZOË is a nonprofit organization established to uplift, inspire and encourage hair loss patients and single moms. Established in 2008, Elizabeth Anderson and Cierra Ramos branched off from their Salon ZOË and created a nonprofit organization called Angel ZOË which was dedicated to those they had most compassion for.

Throughout the years our focus has been on helping those who are less fortunate. This summer Angel ZOË is joining forces with Help One Sports Foundation which has a common goal to help others as well. Our goal is to support single moms by sponsoring twenty children to attend the Household of Faith Community Church Summer Camp. Both founders, Sammy Elite, of Help One Sports Foundation as well as Elizabeth Anderson of Angel ZOË Organization have a personal experience with “Single Mom” situations. We want to make it a little easier on a single mom this summer by sponsoring their child to engage in this amazing, well structured community summer camp. In sponsoring a child to this camp, we are comfortable in knowing that “Camp Elite” will instill in them the educational, social and spiritual values that will impact their lives in a positive way.

Please join us in reaching our goal to sponsor at least twenty children to “Camp Elite” this summer. By donating $250 you will cover the cost for one child to attend a full session.