Angel ZOË Nonprofit Organization


Angel ZOË is here to help you feel alive again...full of life, confident and bathing in self-esteem.

We offer wigs and ZOË Hats  to those suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, medications or severe burns. Many people suffer from hair loss for many different reasons. Whatever your reason may be, we want to offer you a human hair wig that will help you through your journey,
It is a proven fact that when you look good, you feel good.  

Our unique  ZOË Hat comes with 100% human hair attached to it giving the illusion that hair is actually flowing from underneath the cap....Cool right?   It gets even better, you can change out the color and hair texture of your hair for your desired look whenever you'd like. It gets even better than that.... you may choose the hat of your choice be it a designer hat, a personalized hat, a blinged out hat or a hat to represent your favorite sports team. How ever you want to sport your 

ZOË Hat, we can customize it especially for you.

Our goal is to raise funds for operational costs so that these ZOË Hats are completely free of charge for children and women experiencing hair. 
So many women and children are affected by hair loss due to: 
  •  Chemotherapy
  • Alopecia
  • Severe Burns to the head
  • Hair Loss from medications
  • Bariatric Surgery 
  • Medical side affects


Click the Donate button to sponsor a ZOË Hat today for a child or woman today for only $75.00

Black hair/Straight/14"

Click the button below to support a good cause by donating $75.00 to sponsor a ZOË Hat for a child or woman suffering with hair loss.

Black Hair /Curly /14'

Your life just became easier!

Sometimes you're not aiming to be sexy, you just need a quick fix.

Maybe you just want to grab a few items from the store or go have lunch with some friends ...

In that case, try our trendy and comfy ZOË Hat...It's a hat with hair attached to it which makes your life simple and easy.

Hats start at only $60.00+shipping & tax

Sponsor a ZOË Hat today for only $75.oo

Click the link below to make your donation and change a life.

Support a good cause by clicking the button below to donate $75.00 to sponsor a ZOË Hat for a women or child suffering from hair loss.

Your donation of $75.00 or more will sponsor one ZOË Hat for a child or woman suffering with hair loss.


To donate an amount other than requested please click on the link below to make your sponsorship.

We understand how difficult it may be for your life to drastically change overnight. Angel  ZOE is here for you through your journey.

A quick-weave is the most appreciated form of hair replacement for women that are experiencing hair loss. A quick-weave gives you the ability to customize the look you want along with the advantage of using that weave piece over and over again.

This particular client was a model for our Angel ZOE Debut'. She had just completed all of her chemotherapy treatments but her hair had not started to growing back just yet. With a cap placed on her head and some protective material, we glued the hair onto that cap and then cut and custom styled her a wig/quick-weave that she could take on and off at her convenience.

Angel ZOE provides wigs, hair pieces, beauty accessories and more to our hair loss victims. 

We offer a variety of natural looking human hair wigs to make you feel like yourself again.

This is a picture of a partial sew-in. This is where the clients hair is braided underneath and hair extensions are sewn on top of the braids to give a fuller and longer appearance.

Partial sew-in with own hair left out at top.

Is this what you see when you look in the mirror?  Angel ZOË can help you.

When in stock, we offer high quality men's french lace toupee. 

This particular client was also a model for our Angel ZOE Debut'. She had just completed all of her chemotherapy treatments and wanted a fresh start.

Donate today and help us raise money to purchase wigs and hair extensions for our less fortunate clients.