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Angel ZOË Nonprofit Organization
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First Annual Fundraiser 

A Nonprofit Organization for Individuals with Hair Loss and Single Mothers 

Angel ZOË was formed by Elizabeth Anderson and Cierra Ramos of Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2008. We are a 501(c)3 organization registered in the state of Texas; assigned EIN number 80-0518892. Angel ZOË is a private faith based organization formed as a subsidiary chapter of Daughters of Faith International Nonprofit Organization.

Project Summary - Hair loss can be detrimental and embarrassing to anyone, no matter what race, age or ethnicity you are. So many women and children experience hair loss due to chemotherapy, alopecia, harsh medications, or severe burns. Angel ZOË is putting on a fundraising Christmas Gala to obtain funding in the amount of $75,000 to purchase a commercial bus so that we may get out into the community and distribute free wigs and beauty products as well as educate the community on health issues. Angel ZOË also focuses on assisting single mothers. With all of today’s detrimental issues arising, it is no secret that there is a missing link in the family home. It is urgent that we put more emphasis on our youth and assisting mothers that are struggling to single handedly raise children in a single home with a single parent, on a single income. By obtaining this multi use bus, Angel ZOË can ease the burden of single mothers by having our team directly communicate, impact and initiate one-on-one involvement with our youth thereby connecting them to programs that can rescue them from negative behavior displayed by the absence of a parent.

Our Mission: To uplift, inspire and educate single mothers and those experiencing hair loss through the provision of free wigs and community services.

Our Goal and Pledge: Angel ZOË pledges to service woman and children throughout the Houston community who less fortunate and may benefit from our services.

Our Objective: Through the networking of our collaborators and ongoing partners we expect to provide wigs to a minimum of thirty women a week through the Angel ZOË Organization. It is also our objective to impact the lives of twenty five to fifty young boys and men per month by enrolling and mentoring them in our The Angel ZOE Mentoring Program.

Project Description and Goal Angel ZOË has a goal to reach $275,000 to purchase and sustain the “Community Bus” which will be our primary means of transportation to service the community in a multitude of ways. We are also seeking funds to launch and sustain The Angel ZOE Mentoring Program for a five year period. This bus will give us the ability to reach and positively impact hundreds of individuals at a time by parking and attending community events, conferences, concerts, malls, shopping centers, television and radio stations, giving out valuable information and products that will make a difference in lives all over the US.

By having the ability to travel throughout the community, state, and abroad in the " Community Bus " this allows women and children affected by hair loss to come aboard a luxurious, energy filled atmosphere and receive a "free wig". This Beauty Bus has already been totally renovated with state of the art amenities including lush seating areas, beautiful decor and a shampoo bowl with two styling chairs which would be perfect for our target population.

The Angel ZOE Mentoring Program: One of our main partnering agencies will bring in, integrate and oversee the Angel ZOË Mentoring Program. A program geared directly towards middle aged boys and young men who go without direction, mentoring, supervision and inspiration from a father or father figure in the household. A mother’s worst nightmare is to receive the news that her son has lost his life due to misdirection, misguidance and peer pressure given by day to day routines of street life that could have easily been taken in another directions. No mother will truthfully confess that she wants to raise a child alone, but certain circumstances in life sometimes leave you without a choice. One of Angel ZOË’s biggest passions when it come to single mothers is stepping in to assist children in the absence of a father or father figure. Our number one goal is to change the mindset and mentality of these young men by taking them through a “boot camp” program that will completely rewire their thinking process when it comes to respecting others and the thinking process for which future decisions will be made. The Angel ZOË Mentoring Program will be followed up by weekly sessions and activities that the ” Community Bus” can play a major role in as far as being a means of transportation for the young men. Outings for the young men such as trips to seminars, conferences, sports games and competitions are just a few activities that can count as forms of therapy to better enhance their quality of life.

With the collaboration of partnering agencies, salons and organizations around the Houston area, the ” Community Bus” can also be used to prepare single mothers for upcoming job interviews by offering free hair services which would otherwise not be affordable. Back-to-school hair cuts for students of single mothers would be a major event that Angel ZOË plans to put on. Another partnering agency would prepare young men for job interviews by providing free suits that would otherwise not be affordable.

Outside of the ” Community Bus” being used for hair loss purposes, this bus fully functional and would draw great crowds for standalone community events such as Back-to-School giveaways, high blood pressure checks, breast cancer awareness and preventions events, HIV testing and any educational promotions. The ” Community Bus” would be a great center of operations site for basketball tournament tryouts, cheerleader tryouts, summer camp sign ups and community giveaways. It is the perfect platform to showcase our heartfelt compassion for those who are less fortunate in our community. What better way of serving than to serve with compassion. By acquiring this bus, we can go out into the community and service those hair loss victims and single mothers who so desperately need our assistance.